He was an ancient Greek philosopher. He was born in BC. 428 Born in Athens, Greece. His father’s name was Ariston and his mother’s name was Perkinson. His father and mother were philosophers. He was born into a wealthy and aristocratic family. Some specialists believe it. His grandfather was named Arista Khal and later named Plato because of his extensive physical strength. He has two brothers, Glucon and Adimantes, and a sister, Peyton. His father died at an early age. Then his mother married his uncle.

Education of Plato

He seems to have studied grammar, music, and gymnastics under the then famous educational actors. From the writings of Aristotle. Plato was educated under the Athenian philosopher Cratylus. He introduced the teachings of Heraclitus.

After leaving Athens. Plato traveled for 12 years and traveled the Mediterranean coast of Syracuse, Italy, Egypt, and Cyrene. (Libya). For a time he studied mathematics under Pythagoras in Italy. What he learned there helped him formulate his own ideas. In Egypt, he studied geometry, geology, and the astronomy of religion. This is where he learned to make a water clock.

Great works of Plato

Status of Plato ( )

His first major work, “Forgiveness Socrates,” is believed to have been written some time later. After the death of Socrates. Other works of this period include ‘Prodigious’, ‘Euthyphro’, ‘Hippias Major and Minor and Ion’. All this was written in dialogue and Plato tried to convey Socrates’ philosophy and teachings. By this time, Plato also went to Syracuse. It was under the rule of King Dionysius I, and his brother-in-law had died and was a disciple of Plato. It angered Dionysius and Plato, who had been sold into slavery, and fortunately, another of his disciples, Aniseris, had bought him twenty men in the midst of his freedom.

BCE In 387, he returned to Athens. In the same year, he opened his own academy on a plot of land on the outskirts of Athens. It is said to be the first organized school in the West. Plato’s famous book, The Republic, was written during this period. He died in Athens, Greece, in the year 348 before Christ.

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