Pele was a famous Brazilian Footballer. He was born in Tres Coracoes Minas Gerizil on 23 October 1940. His father’s name was Dondinho and his Mother’s name was Dona Celeste Arantes. His father was a soccer player and his mother was an actor. He was the first child of his parents.

Pele Getting into soccer

Struck by poverty, he took up various add jobs as a child to earn extra money. He received his early lessons in soccer from his father and played for the various amateur in his youth. Pale has joined the Bauru Athletic Club juniors under the coaching of Waldemar de Brito. He led the team to three consecutive victories from 1954 to 1956.

Pele – The king of the football world

Pele at Football Ground ( )

His coach took him to Santos where he included in the professional club, Santos FC. In June 1956, Pele signed a contract and played his first professional game in September. In the game, he scored his first professional goal against Corinthians Santo Andre

Pele’s first international goal

Beginning in 1957, he becomes a regular in the team and soon the top scorer of the league. For his remarkable performance, he took place in the national team of Brazil. In July 1957, he played his first international game against Argentia. Though Brazill lost the match by 2-1, he scored his first international goal. The year 1958 was a year of accomplishments with 58 goals at the Campeonato Paulista-a top-flight professional football league in Brazil.

Pele made significant contributions, in the 1958 World Cup with six goals in four matches. as an under 18 boy, he broke a number of records in the 1958 World cup. As for the 1962 World Cup, despite many injuries, he remained out for most of the tournament.

The 1966 World Cup brought much pain for Pele as he was injured due to the persistent fouling by the Bulgarians. The result was Brazil’s exit from the World Cup after the first round. On 21 February 1966, Pele married Rosemeri dos reis Cholbi at the age of 25. They had two daughters and one son. He scored his 1000th goal against Vasco da Gama from a penalty kick at the Maracana Stadium in 1969.

Pele’s final game

The 1970 World Cup was the last World Cup in which people participated. He played in all the qualifying matches and contributed to 14 of the 19 goals that Brazil struck in the tournament. Brazil won the World Cup, and Pele’s named’ Player of the Tournament’ for his impressive performance and extensive contribution. Pele’s last international match was against Yugoslavia on July 18, 1971 n Rio de Janeiro.

Pele – The king of the football world
Pele with Lula ( )

As for his club season, it was his 19th and final season playing for Santos before his retirement in the 1974 season. He emerged from semi-retirement in 1976 by signing an agreement with the York Cosmos. He led the club to the 1977 NSL Championships. His final match was officially an exhibition match between Cosmos and Santos on October 1, 1977.

He had been playing the first half for the Cosmos and the second half for Santos. His final official goal was a free-kick against Santos in the first half. The game was won by Cosmos 2-1. Since 1981, he has fallen in love with Suksa, who helped him become a model.

He divorced his wife in 1982. He was appointed Ambassador to the United Nations Environment and Environment in 1992. In April 1994, he married Assyria Lemos Sequez, a well-known psychologist and gospel singer. They had two children. In 1995, he was appointed as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

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