Dmitri Mendeleev

He was the inventor of the periodic table. He was born on February 8, 1834, in Varkey Arameziani, governor of the Tobykovsk Republic of the Tobolsk Empire of Russia. His father’s name was Pavlovic Mendeleev and his mother’s name was Maria Damadrevna Mendeleeva. His childhood was a tragedy when his father, Ivan Mendeleev, had health problems. He passed away in 1847.

Dimitri’s mother worked in a glass factory and raised their family. When the glass factory burned down in 1848, tragedy struck again. The family had to move to St. Petersburg. Mendeleev was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1855 but continued his education to become a teacher.

Education of Dmitri Mendeleev

He graduated from St. Petersburg’s main institution of education. In 1855 he became a science teacher in Crimea. He soon went to St. Petersburg and Petersburg. After a year, he completed his Master’s Degree in Chemistry. He is a professor at the University of St. Petersburg. He understood the need for an organized and quality textbook. So he started to research and work on his own.

Dmitri Mendeleev
Participants of 52nd Congress of the British Association of the Advancement of Science  ( )

In 1861, he published a 500-page textbook on organic chemistry. The book won the Dama Diving Prize and earned Mendeleev a reputation in the scientific community. On April 27, 1862, Mendeleev married Fiona Nichina Lasheva. The marriage lasted almost 20 years before the couple divorced in 1882. By this marriage, he had two children. In 1867 he appointed president of the General Chemistry of the University of St. Petersburg. He has used his position to push and advance Russia’s understanding of chemistry.

Periodic Table of Dmitri Mendeleev

In 1869, Mendeleev published another major book, Principles of Chemistry. The book became popular enough to be translated into French, German, and English. In 1869 he published his book ‘The Relation between the Properties of Elements and the Atomic Weight’. Mendeleev published the periodic table in 1869. He organized 65 known elements into the periodic table. On April 2, 1882, Mendeleev married Anna Ivanova Popova and had four children. By 1889, Mendeleev had completed his periodic table of elements. He presented his representation in London, which is still in use today.

Dmitri Mendeleev
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table  ( )

Mendeleev’s service to the world

In 1890 he retired from his university position. That same year he took a position as a government consultant. Dmitri Mendeleev is interested in developing industrial and agricultural resources in Russia. Particularly, he interested in petroleum. His research helped to find the first oil refinery in Russia. In 1893, he was director of the Central Board of Weights and Measures in Russia. He published several articles in the Brockgas encyclopedia and reprinted many of his principles of chemistry.

The revolutionary organization of his elements correctly assumed that the atomic weight of some elements was wrongly measured and that there were eight new elements. His scientific fame increased with the discovery of new elements and his theories proved more accurate. Periodic Table The British Royal Society honored him with this famous scientific discovery. He died on 2 February 1907 at the age of 72 in St. Petersburg’s Russian Empire. The 101st element was discovered in 1955. It was named Mendelevium for his contributions to science.

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