Alfred Nobel

He is a scientist, inventor, businessman, and creator of the Nobel Prizes. Alfred was born on 21 October 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden. His father’s name was Emanuel Nobel and his mother’s name was Andriet Chisel Nobel. Alfred’s father was a Swedish engineer, architect, inventor, and industrialist, and was the 3rd of eight parents of his parents. His father appointed a private consultant to educate Alfred.

Education of Alfred Nobel

He especially loved chemistry and languages. He went to Paris in 1850 to study under the chemist Nikola Seinen. It was his love for chemistry. He moved to the United States at the age of eighteen to pursue further studies on the subject. From an early age, he loved literature and used to write poetry. Because his parents opposed his literary work, he never published his work. He started working in his father’s factory after completing his education.

Discovery of an explosive called dynamite

Alfred Nobel
Dynamite, an explosive discovered by Alfred Nobel  ( )

 Alfred was keen on studying explosives and experimented with nitroglycerin. A tragic accident occurred in the shed used to prepare nitroglycerin, killing five of his younger brother Emil. Nobel was more concerned about making explosives safer than nitroglycerin. He later found that nitroglycerin when combined with absorbent inert material is much easier to handle and safer to use. This new material, Dynamite, was patented in 1867 and is widely used in mining internationally. It was the first securely manageable explosive that was stronger than black powder.

 His love for nitroglycerin continues. He mixed it with nitrocellulose compounds to create a transparent jelly-like material that was more powerful than dynamite. It was called the Jewel Ignition and was patented in 1876. He developed a smoke-free anti-aircraft made from nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin, which contained 10% camphor. This mixture called the Wallis and patented the following year.

He fell in love with Alexandra, a Russian girl who refused his offer. Alfred later developed feelings for his secretary, Bertha Kinsky, and remained close friends until his death. He met Sophie Hesse in 1876 and had a relationship with her for 18 years. He never married or had children. His brother Ludwig died in 1888 in Cohn.

The Nobel Prize History

Alfred Nobel
Nobel Medals  ( )

 French newspaper Alfred Nobel mistakenly declared the funeral “the merchant of death is dead.” Alfred was very upset that this was how he would be remembered after his death. He wanted to do something to restore his fame and save a large part of his fortune to create an international prize fund to honor veterans in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peacemaking.

His last will was signed on November 27, 1895, and laid the groundwork for the prize. The first Nobel Prizes awarded in 1901. He conducted 355 different patterns. He has an element in the periodic table. Alfred died of a hemorrhage in San Remo, Italy on December 10, 1896, at the age of 63.

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